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  • FLP's Mtarketing Plan is successful because it's generous and  simple:
    Quality, consumable products;

    Bonuses paid on the retail cost of the product;

    Multiple income opportunities

    Proven financial stability;

    Extensive support network;

    35-year industry experience;

    International presence;

    The FLP marketing plan has been proven for more than a quarter of a century to compensate more to our Team Members than other marketing plan. It has halped many ordinary people live an extraordinary livestyle.

    The FLP Marketing Plan represents the bonuses paid to FLP distributors.
    There are two main of income opportunity within the Marketing Plan: Retailing and Team Marketing.

    Register here and get your own Distributor ID number, if you want to start a small Retail Business. You will then be able to order products directly from the company at wholesale prices (minimum order is $50 US, CAD$ 75 in the Canada, €or 50 in Europe, £100 or more, in the UK) and sell it at retail prices, with potential retail profit of 43%.

    This is the exciting area of the Marketing Plan that enables you to build a business that can provide you with financial freedom.

    Register here and get your own Distributor ID number, if you want to build a larger business and develop your own group of distributors-start your business the professional way and purchase a Combo Pack "Touch of Forever" or any separate variety of products that total at least 2 credit cases (1 credit case = US $132). The reason behind this is that you should evaluate the product first and remember: as an FLP distributor you have 12 months money back guarantee.


    1. Retail Profits -43% retail profit;  

    2. Personal Bonus- 5% to 18% on retail sales of your personal volume;

    3. New Distributor Bonus-5% to 18% on retail sales of your new Distributors; 

    4. Volume Bonus-3% to 13% on retail sales of your group volume;

    5. Leadership Bonus- 6%,3%,2% on 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation managers;

    6. Gem Bonus-Increased earnings on down-line managers;

    7. Earned Incentive Bonus- Up to $800 per month;

    8. Profit Sharing- Share in a generous yearly profit program;

    9. Exotic Vacations-Earn trips around the world;

    10. Special Promotions-Fun ways to eahance your business;

    We are constantly expanding and need new distributors  all over the world.

     Are you looking for a chance to get a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. 


    If you are a citizen or resident of any other country,  please contact me
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