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     The Clean 9/ Lifestyle30 Program is one of the best ways to supercharge your earnings! 
    With nearly 50% of the population suffering from obesity, the demand for this produ is huge.
    There isn't anyone you meet who doesn't want to feel and look bette,or who doesn't want to shed a few(or lots of)pounds! 
     At the very least, everyone you meet knows someone who needs the Clean 9/Lifestyle 30. And you can take advantage of this tremendous marketing opportunity by following the simple steps outlined below. 
    A. If you are on the Clean  9 program already: Order a Lifestyle 30 to continue your personal weight management program, and  a Clean 9 Business Pak today. As soon as the Business Pak arrives, retail the Clean 9s to 3 new people.
    B. If you have not yet started your personal Clean 9 programm: Order a Clean 9 Business Pak today. As soon as it arrives, start your personal Clean 9 program, and retail the remaining clean 9s to 2 new people. 
    After your new people have been on the Clean 9 for four days, sponsor them as distributors, and teach them to order a Lifestyle 30 to continue
    their personal weight management program, and a Clean 9 business Pak so they can retail the clean9s to 3 new people.
     Your order another Clean 9 Business Pak and retail the Clean 9s to 3 more new people. Try to repeat this process with 3 more new people every week, and teach your distributors to do  the same. They will follow your example.
        Your approximate bonus during the first month would be over $3,000, and as more and more people get excited and join your group, it would only go up from there!   Imagine what could happen if you started 4 new people per week!
    Week 1          You=1                1 Pak            2 cc
    Week 2          1 + 3 = 4            4 Paks           8 cc    
    Week 3          4 + 12  =16        16 Paks          32 cc      Supervisor!
    Week  4        16 + 48 =64         64 Paks         128 cc     MANAGER!!
     So get started today!
    Each Busiand  Pak you order will contain more CD's and literature for you to pass along to the people you meet, so you will never run out of tools to use to create interest in this fantastic, health promoting program than hte majority of people need and want. Join Online Now!
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