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    As Forever Living’s resident Sonya experts, we are often asked many questions about our quality cosmetic collection. The following are some of the questions that are most often asked:
    Q:Do all Sonya products contain FLP aloe vera?
    A: Yes. In fact, Forever Living is one of the only companies in the world that includes aloe vera in all of its cosmetic products. Aloe is included in every Sonya product, including powders and lip pencils.
    Q:Does the Sonya Crème to Powder Foundation offer an SPF, or Sun Protection Factor?
    Yes. The protection factor is approximately an "8”. This is an adequate factor for limited sun exposure; however it is not a recommended sun block for active, long-term outdoor activities.
    Q: What benefits do the marine extracts provide the skin?
    : The marine extracts (Phytelenes) in Sonya are created using plants from the sea. Specially selected for their synergistic properties, they are capable of providing superior moisturization of the epidermis.
    Q: What is the micron particle size of our powders?
    It is .5, which places us better than most other quality lines, which run from 6-30 microns and up in size. To give you a perspective on the size of one micron, it is one millionth of a meter. It has been said that it would take 100 microns to fit on the head of a pin. Our powders are put through a refined proprietary grinding process that creates a very fine, feather-light powder.
    Q: What are the advantages of FLPs’ finely micronized powder?
    Our powders are so refined, that they feel like silk when applied to the skin.
    Q: Does the aloe vera in the products make the skin absorb the makeup?
    No. The aloe in our formulas assists in the moisturization of the skin.
    Q: How do we colour our eyebrows with Sonya?
    Select an appropriate eye shadow colour and use the Sonya Eye Liner Smudger Brush from the Sonya Brush Collection (#7054). The colour will look more natural this way. Then follow with the Sonya Brow Fix (#172). This is a clear gel that grooms and sets your brows. You may also colour your brows with one of Sonya’s Eye Pencils. Be sure to blend with the Sonya Eyelash/Eyebrow Comb.
    Q: How does the Sonya Colour Collection compare with department store brands?
    Our products are formulated by leading cosmetic chemists who have worked for major cosmetic brands. These leading chemists applied their expertise to the development of our product line. Sonya products have the additional benefits of their unique blend of aloe vera, marine extracts and vitamins.
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